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Our Capabilities

Qioptiq has the best-in-class people and the state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right. Qioptiq has project managers, R&D teams, sales advisors, and manufacturing and assembly capabilities in the United States, western Europe, eastern Europe and Asia. That means we can always find the right way, the right speed and the right price to respond to your needs.

The experience needed
Qioptiq brings more than a century of experience in optics and
photonics to every customer. With our extensive relationships with
universities and research facilities in many countries, our perfect
understanding of manufacturing and our worldwide customer base
in multiple market sectors, our best-in-class teams have no equals.

The right equipment
Our renowned high quality is achieved in part thanks to our state-of-the
-art manufacturing and assembly sites, equipped with the most modern
machinery and the latest capabilities. Three sites are of very recent
vintage: operations began at our new Munich site in fall 2009, at our
new Singapore site in summer 2008 and in Regen, Germany in 2006.
Two of our sites have extensive clean room technology. And of course,
all of our manufacturing capabilities benefit from ISO certifications.

Prototyping to mass manufacturing
Our expertise spans from fast and cost-effective prototyping to
consistent and reliable mass manufacturing — if necessary up to
millions of components over short periods of time.

Custom design support
With over 200 highly skilled technical experts located on three continents,
Qioptiq has all the skills required to provide you with fully customized
system and design support.

We are pleased to put our expertise and our capabilities to work exceeding
the expectations of our customers around the globe.

Qioptiq is the key to photonic innovation.

Company Information
Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications

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