Hanna Instruments, Inc. Datasheets for Water Quality Testing Instruments

Water quality testing instruments are used to test water for chemical and biological agents, and to measure variables such as clarity and rate of movement.
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Product Name Notes
Pure Water Tester -- HI 98309 Larger LCD display, measures to .001┬ÁS/cm
Salt Content Tester -- HI 98203 Long battery life, compact & simple to use
Pure Water Tester -- HI 98308 Long battery life, rugged housing
ORP Tester -- HI 98201 Platinum electrode, quick/inexpensive tester
Conductivity Tester -- HI 98303
Conductivity Tester -- HI 98304
Pocket-sized, reliable conductivity/TDS meter
Water Quality Meter -- HI 9828-20 Probe diameter less than 2", 20 meter cable
Water Quality Meter -- HI 9828-4 Probe diameter less than 2", 4 meter cable
EC/TDS/Temp Tester -- HI 98311 DIST5 Replaceable electrode, dual-level display, rugged/floating/waterproof case
Cup Style High Range EC/TDS Tester -- HI DIST8
Cup Style Low Range EC/TDS Tester -- HI DIST7
Rugged, high accuracy EC/TDS meter
DO Meter -- HI 9142 Rugged, water resistant casing, ATC circuitry for high accuracy
DO Meter -- HI 9143 Rugged, water resistant casing, Extended DO measurement range
DO Meter -- HI 98186
EC Meter -- HI 98188
pH/ORP Meter -- HI 98183
pH/ORP/ISE Meter -- HI 98184
pH/ORP/ISE Meter -- HI 98185
Rugged, waterproof case, log-on-demand capability
pNa Water Hardness Tester -- HI 98202 Simple to use, inexpensive tester
DO Meter -- HI 9146-10 Water-resistant device, 10 meter cable
DO Meter -- HI 9146-04 Water-resistant device, 4 meter cable
pH Meter -- HI 98170
pH/ORP Meter -- HI 98171
pH/ORP/ISE Meter -- HI 98172
Waterproof casing, Logs up to 50 readings for each parameter