AMETEK Spectro Scientific Datasheets for Particle Analyzers

Particle analyzers are used to determine the physical makeup of individual particulates in aerosols, dispersion, emulsions, powders, and other samples.
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Product Name Notes
Particle Counter, Wear Classifier, Ferrous Monitor -- LaserNet 200 Series Highlights The LaserNet 200 Series allows reliability professionals to quickly and easily assess machinery health on site in just minutes. With a simple push of a button, a comprehensive picture...
LaserNet 200 Automatic Sample Processor -- ASP The ASP is a self-contained sample changer and processor designed specifically for use with the LaserNet 200 series instruments. It provides the user with automatic and unattended processing of 24...
Analytical Ferrography Laboratory -- T2FM 500 The SpectroT2FM 500 Analytical Ferrography Laboratory is a complete analytical system for the separation and interpretation of wear and contaminant particles in used lubricant oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants and fuels.