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VersaLink (POF) Patch Cord -- 986625-010

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VersaLink (POF) Patch Cord -- 986625-010-Image

VersaLink Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Patch Cords feature the Versatile Link (VersaLink) connectors providing ready made solutions for rapid installations for any industrial or commercial application utilizing the Avago Technologies Versatile Link transceivers. Cables are available in standard and custom lengths. Although this specification refers to simplex non-latching patch cords, Versalink cables can be simplex or duplex cable featuring either latching or non-latching connectors.

The simplex cables are constructed with a single step-index plastic optical fiber sheathed in a black polyethylene jacket. The duplex cables are constructed with two step-index plastic optical fibers sheathed in a black polyethylene jacket.

Product Category
Fiber Optic Cables
Cable Type
Simplex; Duplex (optional feature); Patchcords
Fiber Mode
Connector Type
Simplex, non-latching connector.

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Cable Diameter
Core Material
Jacket Material

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