Modern Linear Incorporated Datasheets for Linear Bearings

Linear bearings are used in applications where a component needs to be moved along a straight line with high accuracy.
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Product Name Notes
Double Track Linear Guide -- DT-1
Double Track Linear Guide -- DT-2
Double Track Linear Guide -- DT-3
Double Track Linear Guide -- DT-4
Double Track Linear Guides feature the most compact design and the highest load capacity of all pre-assembled linear guides. It utilizes the same features of Modern Linear's double track in...
Plain Guide Rollers -- VW-1
Plain Guide Rollers -- VW-2
Plain Guide Rollers -- VW-3
Plain Guide Rollers -- VW-4
Plain Guide Rollers -- VW-4XL
guide-roller-03guide-roller-04guide-roller- 02Guide Rollers Modern Linear Guide Rollers incorporate double row, angular contact ball bearings resulting in excellent load capacity and long life under radial, axial, and combination loads. The super-finished...
Hybrid Roller Assembly Modern Linear is pleased to announce a new family of guide rollers for linear motion applications. The Hybrid Roller Assembly (HRA) consists of 3 components; outer tire, radial ball bearing,...
Studded Guide Rollers -- VWIC
Studded Guide Rollers -- VWIE
Modern Linear Studded Guide Rollers eliminate the need for separate installation hardware. One studded roller replaces three components. There is no need to incorporate a separate bolt or bushing into...
Vector Quad Rail -- VQ-1
Vector Quad Rail -- VQ-2
Vector Quad Rail -- VQ-3
The Vector Quad is an all purpose linear guide suitable for a wide variety of applications. This linear guide system incorporates four standard v-groove guide rollers fixed to the corners...
Vector Trio Rail -- VT-1
Vector Trio Rail -- VT-2
Vector Trio Rail -- VT-3
The Vector Trio offers an easy to install alternative to components. This linear guide system incorporates three standard v-groove guide rollers fixed to a narrow carriage plate. The mating rail...