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J6 Series Pressure Switch

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The J6 is a reliable, sensitive pressure switch, originally designed for instrument air applications in process plants. Its compact design and combination of set-point sensitivity and narrow or optional adjustable deadband, offers cost-saving solutions for a variety of applications.

The J6 is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial processes such as alarm/shutdown and low/high service pressures. OEMs also utilize the J6 in machinery and equipment for threshold protection.

Product Category
Pressure Switches
Sensor Technology
Mechanical Deflection
Pressure Measurement
Gauge; Vacuum
Liquid; Gas
1 ±% FS
Vacuum Switch Setpoint
760 to -2 torr (0.0 to 30 in Hg vac)

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Signal Output
Switch Characteristics
Normal State
Number of Throws
Number of Poles
Maximum Current
Maximum AC Volts
Operating Temperature