Machine Bases from WEISS North America, Inc.

Indexing Machine Base -- Type SR/SK

Indexing Machine Base -- Type SR/SK -- View Larger Image
Indexing Machine Base -- Type SR/SK-Image
SR/SK indexing machine bases

Manufactured in-house, we can offer you your own individual machine – customised with regard to design, precision, dimensions and even colour. And of course all equipment comes with its own test certificate.

At a glace

  • Shortest delivery time: Based on tried and tested standards we implement your solution precisely with your goals and requirements at the fore! You can expect delivery within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Cost savings: No engineering, no inquiries, no stress, no manufacturing or assembly times – and our series manufacturing also helps lower your costs. See for yourself!
  • Design: Clean lines create an appealing, contemporary design.
  • Surface treatment: We are happy to offer all components in whatever surface finish you desire.