Rotary Dampers from RS Components, Ltd.


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Ace controls rotary dampers provide smooth mechanical motion damping using silicone fluid resistance. Helping to protect expensive, delicate equipment and enclosures from damage caused by abrupt panel, door or draw closure they are tough and reliable with a life of over 50,000 cycles. Examples of application include enclosure doors and drawers, paper trays for copy machines, covers window shades.
Available with clockwise or anti-clockwise damping. Maintenance free. Compact design with high energy absorption. Max cycle Rate 10 cycles per minute. Polycarbonate plastic. Available with geared output
Type = Rotary Damper
Torque = 10±2Ncm
Number of Gear Teeth = 12
Pitch Circle Diameter = 12mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = 0°C

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