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Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. Datasheets for Mounting Presses and Equipment

Mounting presses and equipment are used to encapsulate specimens of a metal, ceramic or other material with a mounting compound to allow grinding, polishing and other sample preparation for analysis using microscopes, hardness testers or spectrometers. Mounting pressing, vacuum impregnation and cold casting are techniques used in mounting metallographic or material samples.
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Product Name Notes
The second-generation Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120 remains the industry’s first and only fully automated embedding system that eliminates the tedious and labor-intensive need to manually orient and embed tissue specimens...
The Tisue-Tek® TEC™ 5 System provides a compact, single workstation that enables both specimen orientation and paraffin embedding. It can be customized to user preferences by placing the Tissue-Tek...