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Solar Time Series and Prospecting Tools

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Our online tools allow you to explore bankable solar resource data across the globe. Now you can efficiently prioritize sites and better understand long-term resource variability by quickly comparing multiple high-quality datasets - all within your web browser.

Vaisala has made it easier than ever to access high-quality global solar data for resource assessment. Our online tools provide access to five global datasets, updated monthly, for one low annual price. Use our online Solar Time Series Tools to quickly visualize and order time series.

Product Highlights

  • Global coverage
  • Spatial resolution of 2 arc minutes (approximately 3km)
  • Based on nearly two decades of satellite data with continual updates
  • Validated using independent measurements from ground stations worldwide
  • Online delivery for web tools
  • REST API delivery available for data feeds


Vaisala was the first to produce a high-resolution global solar dataset, offering the industry a blueprint for development. Our uniform methodology offers consistent results, enabling more accurate point-to-point comparisons. The dataset is based on historical satellite imagery and cutting-edge technology offering nearly two decades of hourly GHI, DNI, and DIF values as well as other key weather variables. Our approach is widely supported by a large scientific and research community and draws on a combination of in-house research and algorithms published in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Today we deliver our clients the highest quality data for locations around the world by maintaining five different versions of our global dataset. These datasets vary by aerosol data input and the model employed since these factors have a significant influence on data accuracy in different regions of the world. Now whether you are developing a project in California, India, or Australia you can compare multiple sources to better understand uncertainty and select the most accurate resource data.

For more on our accuracy and transparent approach to validation, please click here to view our global solar validation white paper.

Key Benefits

 • Minimize development risk   • Use the most reliable, high-quality solar resource data right from the start to avoid sudden shifts in energy estimates and resource uncertainty further down the pipeline that can make or break a project.
 • Cost-effective subscription access   • Download hundreds of data files with all the solar resource and weather variables you need for a single annual fee so you can reduce your development costs while never having to settle for low quality data.
 • Data when you need it   • Moving at the speed of solar development, long-term time series and TMY data are delivered to you in less than 24 hours so you can meet tight deadlines.