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Vaisala provides support for the life cycle of a project, helping you realize higher reliability while reducing costs. Our services cover all stages, from planning and installation to acceptance testing and personnel training.

Vaisala has several decades of experience in successfully delivering a wide range of projects for many customers throughout the world. Using this knowledge Vaisala has created a suite of project services that ensure the successful planning, delivery and implementation of your system or equipment.


Vaisala provides knowledge intensive consulting services to customers in Vaisala’s key areas of business: environmental observation in meteorology, weather critical operations and controlled environments.

Site Survey

Vaisala provides site surveys as a recommended option before any system delivery. The survey confirms the site-specific details and requirements needed for successful installation and integration.

Project Management

Vaisala provides project management services in order to co-ordinate projects on the customer’s behalf. Vaisala project managers form a single contact point for customers and ensure that required tasks and goals for certain projects are met accordingly.


Vaisala offers engineering services with the option of modifying software and hardware of Vaisala products and systems according to customer specific needs. Vaisala can also design and integrate Vaisala systems into the customer’s existing systems.


Vaisala engineers can install observation system(s) to ensure a smooth start up and optimal long term performance. Vaisala can take the overall responsibility for the installation to include, e.g., civil works, hardware installations and integration into the customer’s infrastructure.

Acceptance Testing

To verify correct operation of a system as a whole, Vaisala carries out extensive testing procedures to ensure that every functional detail has been checked and that the system operates as planned. The Factory Acceptance Test is carried out at Vaisala’s facilities according to a predefined protocol, whereas the Site Acceptance Test is conducted at the customer’s site to ensure a smooth start- up and to verify that the system fulfills its performance requirements.


Vaisala offers a comprehensive range of training services, for customers to gain the maximum benefit from their investment. Courses cover many subjects including data interpretation, system hardware and software, operational use, maintenance and application specific training.

Features  • Site Survey  • Installation  • Acceptance testing  • Consulting  • Project Management  • Engineering  • Training

Key Benefits

 • ​Convenient turn-key delivery   • Ensures smooth and complete project completion, with many years of experience.
 • Reliable end-to-end project management   • Gives you an opportunity to focus systematically on specific aspects of the equipment and to control the investment cost.
 • Professional feasibility studies for investment planning   • Feasibility studies and site surveys ensure accurate system performance and project cost, without surprises.
 • Full range of training programs for efficient operations   • Vaisala training courses​, on site or at our premises​, guarantee ​that your staff are properly trained in using equipment and interpreting data.