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Lightning Network Maintenance Contract

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Let us help keep your Vaisala Lightning Detection network up and running so critical data is accurate and available when you need it. This contract applies to LS7002/TLS200 (formerly LS8000) sensor equipment. Our maintenance contract includes priority technical support, an extended warranty, and much more.

In order to guarantee the most comprehensive level of care and optimal performance for your Vaisala lightning detection network, we recommend the full service contract. We can also customize this contract based on your organization’s needs.

Features  • Priority technical support by email or phone  • Extended warranty, covering repair and replacement at the Vaisala Service Center  • Preventive on-site maintenance  • Scheduled Lightning Network Performance Evaluation Program (NPEP) sensor configuration service  • Express spare part delivery to minimize equipment downtime  • Software upgrades  • Tailored refresher training

Key Benefits

 • Lower lifetime cost   • Maintenance contract provides the best accuracy for your system with a cost efficient and easy way. Customer loyalty discounted pricing and no price changes during the agreement period.
 • Enjoy peace of mind for multiple years   • Maintenance contract is a multi-year service agreement with several benefits compared to single purchases of services, from discounted cost to priority service.
No hassle, no fault service – just let us take care of your system, we know what to do.
 • Best service for your instruments   • Using Vaisala Maintenance Contract ensures your instrument get the best service available in the market. Adjustment to ensure accuracy, latest updates and functional testing.
Full service, we take responsibility for the health of your product.
 • Easy cost planning   • Maintenance Contract takes the risk out of the ownership; one price covers it all. Even when the unexpected happens – repairs included.