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Wind Project Forensic Analysis

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Recognizing and resolving underperformance issues as early as possible helps maximize energy production, optimize operations, and proactively restructure financial and capacity obligations. When performance guarantees are not met and a project is in danger of default, Vaisala can conduct a full forensic evaluation of the project to help you identify the main reasons it isn't delivering on expectations.

Vaisala's proprietary forensic analysis uses our advanced modeling techniques to isolate the systemic sources of underperformance. Our approach provides a long-term variability analysis and includes high-resolution mapping and wake-turbulence modeling. All of these studies are calibrated to the on-site resource and energy production data to minimize uncertainty and provide accurate estimates of power production. By comparing the expected power production to actual during the measurement periods, we are able to isolate issues of resource variability versus other factors that contribute to underperformance.

Key Benefits

 • Maximize energy production   • Identifying the reasons for underperformance allows corrective actions to be taken to maximize the project's energy production.
 • Optimize operations   • Uncovering what causes a plant to underperform makes it possible to develop operational strategies to reduce the impact of those factors.
 • Quickly isolate issues of resource variability   • Separating issues of wind resource from other factors affecting a plant's performance saves time and enables you to address challenges confidently and decisively.