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Wind Time Series and Prospecting Tools

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Vaisala's online wind data provides easy access to important resources for the wind project developer.

The Wind Prospecting Tools allow you to efficiently prioritize sites according to wind resource. An easy-to-use, interactive map allows you to zoom in on a selected location and view annual mean wind speeds, annual mean wind roses, wind speed distribution, and monthly mean wind speeds at several different hub heights.

During wind project development, the Wind Time Series Tools give you quick access to bankable long-term reference wind resource data. Using a map controller, choose your location, time period, hub heights, and the data sets you want to access. View them graphically and download them from the website. With an annual subscription you can download as many time series as you want per year (up to 1000). Our one-month subscription is an affordable way to access just one or two time series.

Key Benefits

 • Long-term reference data   • Quickly obtain 30+ year hourly long-term reference data from four long-term weather models
 • Easy-to-use interface   • Point-and-click interface to compare multiple reference station options and choose the one that best matches your site characteristics (in real-time)
 • Highly customizable dashboard   • Our highly customizable Dashboard interface makes analyzing and comparing sites, both side-by-side and at multiple hub heights, intuitive and simple