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EZMount® Tablet Cradle

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These tablet EFB systems are capable of improving operational efficiency through reduction or replacement of paper reference documents and increased situational awareness for flight crews.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) offers a line of EZMount® Tablet Cradle mounting solutions to support the ever-changing landscape of tablet computing devices. These Tablet Cradles are designed for use in commercial, corporate and military aircraft cockpits. The cradle may be attached to existing STCd and PMAd EFB mounting provisions during the Authorization for Use approval from the local Civil Aviation Authority.

All of our cradles are designed to provide easy installation and removal of the tablet computing device without the use of tools, a minimal footprint in the flight deck, and a secure tablet computing device during all phases of flight.Click here to learn more about the EZMount Table Cradle or contact our factory.

Key Features

  • Designed and tested to RTCA/DO-160 aircraft environment qualification testing requirements
  • Easily adaptable to STCd EZMount® display mounting provisions or to Owner/Operator developed mounting provisions
  • A means to “secure or stow”(Class 1) or “attach” (Class 2) tablet computing devices for use during all phases of flight
  • Tablet Cradle use with STCd EZMount EFB display mounting provisions provides a certified mounting foundation for current EFB and future EFB display unit equipment refreshes/upgrades
  • Easy display equipment refresh/upgrade through Authorization to Use process


  • Support iPad EFB use during all phases of flight
  • Used with EZMount EFB display mounting provisions (STCd & PMAd)
  • Use with Owner/Operator developed mounting provisions
  • Commercial, corporate and military flight deck use