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Product Name Notes
Easy Mate Jr. Filter Plates API Technologies has expanded its popular Easy Mate family by adding two more package sizes, 0.990" and 1.240". These new sizes are lower profile and facilitate the installation of feed-through...
Dust and Moisture Caps -- 7602
Dust and Moisture Caps -- 7603
Dust and Moisture Caps -- 7604
Dust and Moisture Caps -- 7605
Dust and Moisture Caps -- 7606
Dust and Moisture Caps -- 7607
API Technologies' Inmet Dust and Moisture caps are Ideal for sealing ports for shipping or storage. Available with TNC-M, SMA-M, N-M and N-F, 2.4mm-M and SMP-F connectors.
Type N Coupling Nut Change API Weinschel has incorporated a modified Type N coupling nut design which incorporates a ¾” hex, at no additional cost. This will apply to all standard Weinschel Type N components.
RF Distribution Networks Custom systems can be designed using high performance switches, combiners, amplifiers, directional couplers, and other standard microwave components. The systems can include a mixture of Weinschel brand components, customer supplied...
Emcon and SST TEMPEST Zero Client for Office Emcon and SST branded and TEMPEST certified Dell Wyse 5030 for a high performing and secure office. The TEMPEST Dell Wyse 5030 (P25) is the perfect solution for administrative tasks...
Emcon and SST TEMPEST Zero Client for Advanced Performance The Emcon and SST branded Dell Wyse 7030 is a high performing Zero Client that has been TEMPEST certified for a secure environment. This device features 4 DisplayPort ports and...