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The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart Hand Dryer is an excellent, class leading hand dryer, with a number of innovative features which result in short drying times, highly efficient running costs and hygienic operation. The Jet Towel Smart is a hands-under air-blade type of dryer. Its power consumption is lower and it is much quieter and more hygenic than many of its competitors. Both the heat setting and the power of the brushless motor are adjustable, allowing a trade-off between drying times and power consumption. On the lower setting, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim is one of the quietest and efficient in its class.
Selectable hot or cold air flow. Average 13 second dry time dependent upon unit settings. Energy efficient, operating at 980W using just 2.45W per dry session at the highest setting (410W and 1.94W per drying session at the lowest setting). Air speed (max): 353 mph and 60 cfm. Air speed (min): 295 mph and 49 cfm. Filtered air and antibacterial resin in construction enhance the hygienic aspects of this hand dryer. Side air intake to prevet dirty air recirculation. Quick 0.1 second sensor response to enhance user experience, limiting the frustration when you wave your hands under the machine and nothing happens. Available in white or silver. Safety fuses: thermal and current. 250W heating element. Height: 290 mm. Width: 250 mm. Depth: 160 mm. Weight: 4.5 kg. Protection rating: IPX3
Case Material = Metal
Supply Voltage = 220 - 240V
Power Rating = 660 - 740 (Standard) W, 880 - 980 (High Power) W
Depth = 160mm
Height = 290mm
Width = 250mm

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