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Unelevent SL-2008 are a series of warm air hand dryers with a selection of basic and advanced features. SL-2008 (923-2672) is a push-button type dryer. It will only operate if the triangular button on the front of the device is depressed, the dryer will then run for 45 seconds. SL-2008 Auto (923-2675) has automatic infra-red operation. Hands are sensed beneath the dryer and this switches on the warm air fan. The fan will run until the hands are removed from under the dryer. SL-2008 is fitted with a security device to avoid continued function if an object is left below in the automatic sensor area. Both hand dryers are fitted with thermal overload protection in the motor and the heating element. The casing material is made from white polycarbonate.
Air Flow = 170m³/h
Case Material = Plastic
Automatic/Manual = Manual
Power Rating = 1875W
Depth = 212mm
Height = 332mm
Width = 155mm

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