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Pipe Butt Fusion and Miter Machine -- POLYGON™

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The Polygon from McElroy is the first manual butt fusion machine that's DataLogger® compatible. It allows installers the flexibility to complete butt and miter fusions from zero- to 45-degree angles and has the additional capability to perform socket fusions. This three-in-one machine's simple design and light weight make it the ideal prefabrication tool on 63mm to 160mm polypropylene pipe jobsites.

uses Miter Angles on the Job

The Polygon's mitering options are designed to meet the unique complexities of mechanical piping installations and retrofits where installers must navigate around various obstructions in buildings. With the ability to perform miter fusions in the field, time and costs can be saved on purchasing and waiting on molded or fabricated fittings to be made.

Pivoting Jaws

The Polygon's quick-clamping jaws pivot in either direction which makes the machine faster and easier to set up. The rotating jaws will lock in exact angles from zero- to 45-degrees for butt or miter fusions. The jaws can also be swapped with an optional Spider™ 125 Adapter Kit for socket fusion.

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