Clean In Place (CIP) Systems from BMT USA, LLC

SIP System

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The design of CIP systems for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries requires an in-depth knowledge of handling high quality water, as well and the process knowledge to clean high quality process equipment in a safe, effective and repeatable way.
The flows and pressures required to clean process vessels; pipework and equipment must meet exacting industry and regulatory standards and specifically confirm:

  • Mechanical Action through turbulent flow in pipework and spray devices in vessels. The BMT system monitors both flow and pressure to confirm these variables.
  • Chemical Action through in line dosing of detergents. The detergent strength is confirmed with on-line conductivity monitoring. The BMT system also monitors final rinse water conductivity to confirm that the detergents have been removed from the circuit being cleaned.
  • Temperature through the use of hot feed water or a CIP skid heat exchanger with temperature control and monitoring.
  • Time through the PLC based control system. The BMT system uses a touchscreen HMI and is easily programed so that the client can build new CIP recipes.

BMT CIP Systems

BMT have the process knowledge and the experience to deliver such systems and offer:

  • Single Use Recirculation Systems offering low risk, low energy high quality systems specifically designed for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries
  • Reduced Water and Detergent Consumption
  • Flexibility of operation with easily programmed control systems
  • Customisation of CIP skids with options including:
    • Variable speed pumps to handle a range of CIP flows
    • One and two feed water options
    • CIP solution heating options of electric and steam driven heat exchangers
    • Mobile and Fixed CIP Skids
    • SIP from the same skid as CIP