Pulling and Support Grips from Legrand

Strain Relief Deluxe Cord Grip -- STB90150SF

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Strain Relief Deluxe Cord Grip -- STB90150SF-Image

90 deg male Liquid tight for metallic flexible conduit. 1 1/2" NPT, 5.75" Mesh Length.


  • Liquid-Tight grips are woven of stainless steel mesh with zinc plated steel or malleable iron bodies and nuts for corrosion resistance.
  • They are used to connect liquid-tight flexible conduit to electrical enclosures to prevent conduit pullout.
  • Each fitting is supplied with an insulated throat to provide conductor insulation and protect against damage by flexing, heat expansion and contraction.
  • Liquid-Tight grips are recommended in the wiring of motors and any electrical enclosure where liquid-tight conduit is subject to motion or strain.

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