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ASME Flawed Cylinder Testing -- STP-PT-043 - 2010

ASME Flawed Cylinder Testing -- STP-PT-043 - 2010 -- View Larger Image
ASME Flawed Cylinder Testing -- STP-PT-043 - 2010-Image

The ASME BPV Project Team on Hydrogen Tanks, in conjunction with other ASME Codes and Standards groups, is developing Code Cases and revisions to the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, including such to address the design of composite pressure vessels. The project team had an interest in further understanding the effect of cuts to the surface of composite tanks, and how the burst pressure would be affected during the lifetime of the pressure vessel.

A test program was initiated to provide data on initial burst pressure, and burst pressure after pressure cycling, of composite cylinders with cuts of different depths. These results are documented in this STP and were considered during the development of the ASME Code Cases and Code revisions.

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