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Composite Part Drawings -- Y14.37 - 2012

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Composite Part Drawings -- Y14.37 - 2012-Image

This Standard establishes the definition of composite parts that are not covered within the existing ASME Y14 series of Standards on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). ASME Y14.37 defines exceptions and additional requirements to existing ASME standards for defining composite parts. Composite parts as addressed by this standard are inseparable assemblies of composite materials that may include non-composite material(s). When no exception or additional requirements are stated, existing ASME Standards shall apply.

ASME Y14.37:

Enables engineering practices for the definition of composite parts.
Offers flexibility in implementation and can be tailored to meet any specific need.
Affords common engineering delineation standards to aid the increasing interchange of drawing among industry, government, and other users.

Intended for design, drafting, mechanical, manufacturing, production, tool/gage, quality, process and project engineers, CAD/CAM/CAE specialists, inspectors and educators across a broad range of global manufacturing. Special emphasis on aerospace, automotive, medical device, precision instrumentation and related industries.

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