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Definitions and Values Code -- PTC 2 - 2001

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Definitions and Values Code -- PTC 2 - 2001-Image

This Code provides terms, units of measure, values of constants, symbols, and technical nomenclature that are to be used in all individual ASME Performance Test Codes. Any part of this Code is automatically superseded by any of the following actions: (a) approval of new or revised units, values of physical constants, or fluid properties; (b) inclusion of equipment not covered by this Code in the PTC series; or (c) approval of a new Code not conforming to this document. This Standard also contains Tables for Conversion Factors (a) To SI (metric units); and for (b) Pressure; (c) Specific volume; (d) Specific enthalpy and Specific energy; (e) Specific entropy, Specific heat, and Gas constant; (f) Viscosity; (g) Kinematic viscosity; and (h) Thermal conductivity. There is also supplementary information on (a) Sources of fluid and material data; and (b) Units of measure for ASME Performance Test Codes.