LED Light Strips from RS Components, Ltd.


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These Enclosure light fittings have a very long service life, thanks to the use of LED technology. LED light fittings are the ideal upgrade of conventional lighting, providing an economical replacement, with great energy savings and very low maintenance costs. The LED 025 Series fits in all types of panels and enclosures, they are ideal especially where space is limited. These LED lamps are operated by an on/off switch. The power output of these enclosure light fittings allows up to 10 lamps to be connected to each other (5 lamps for the 12Vdc version), connectors and cables are not included, they can be ordered separately, see accessories. The LED lamps come with clip holders for clip fixing, the clip holders are screwed to the cabinet wall, the lamp is snapped into the clip holder and can be turned as needed for perfect illumination.
Wide voltage range. Integrated power unit. On/off switch. Clip holders fixing. Daylight colour, 6,500k temperature. 60,000 hours average life
Lamp Type = LED
Type = on/off Enclosure Lamp
Voltage Rating = 12 V dc
Length = 351 mm
Width = 47.3 mm
Depth = 40 mm
Dimensions = 351 x 47.3 x 40 mm
Wattage = 5 W

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