Weichai Power Co., Ltd. Datasheets for Differentials and Axles

A differential is a mechanical connection that translates rotational motion from a source to two axles. The driveshaft generally runs the length of the vehicle, from the energy input (a motor) to the energy output (the wheels). The axle of the driving wheels is split, with the driveshaft transferring motion through gearing arrangements to maintain a uniform direction and speed of the (live) axles. This arrangement is very common in rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, but is also employed in aircraft, production machinery and equipment, trains, and ships.

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Product Name Notes
Bus Axle -- HD425 Series
Bus Axle -- HD450 Series
Casting Housing Hub Reduction Axle -- 16T Series
Truck Axle Series -- HD485 Series
Shaanxi HANDE Axle Co., Ltd was jointly invested and built up by Weichai Power Co., Ltd. & Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd on March 23th, 2003, with its predecessor as...