FabSupply Incorporated Datasheets for Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tooling includes dies and punches used with a press brake to form, bend or flatten sheet metal.
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Product Name Notes
3 & 4-Way Precision Ground European-Style Dies
30º Sash-Type Single-Vee Die
35º 2-Vee Dies
60º 2-Vee Dies
75º Punches
75º Quick-Change 2-Vee Dies
85º,88º & 90º Small General-Purpose Gooseneck Punches
88º and 90º 2-Vee Dies
88º and 90º Quick-Change 2-Vee Dies
88º Sash-Type Single-Vee Die
90º Sash-Type Single-Vee Die
Acute & Hemming Punches
Acute-Angle Quick-Change 2-Vee Dies
Acute-Angle Single-Vee Dies
Hemming Dies
Large Single-Vee Dies
Narrow & Sash Punches
Special-Purpose Punches
T-Shaped Single-Vee Dies
Tall Gooseneck Punches
WILA - TRUMPF Blade Insert
WILA - TRUMPF Style Punch

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