FabSupply Incorporated Datasheets for Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tooling includes dies and punches used with a press brake to form, bend or flatten sheet metal.
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Product Name Notes
30º Sash-Type Single-Vee Die
35º 2-Vee Dies
60º 2-Vee Dies
75º Punches
75º Quick-Change 2-Vee Dies
85º,88º & 90º Small General-Purpose Gooseneck Punches
88º and 90º 2-Vee Dies
88º and 90º Quick-Change 2-Vee Dies
88º Lower Die
88º Punch
88º Sash-Type Single-Vee Die
90º Lower Die
90º Punch
90º Sash-Type Single-Vee Die
Aircraft-Style tooling is designed and manufactured to provide significant forming advantages over standard conventional tooling. The Aircraft profiles are precision planed to enhance air-forming accuracy. In addition, they are...
FNP punch and FND dies are not recommended for high production or where the punch is cut into sections; however, they are economical tools for light sheet metal forming.
Standard rotary press brake dies Increase Your Productivity and Quality No part "whip up"...safer material handling Mar-free bending with the Delrin® rotor option Built-in gaging or CNC automatic gaging Improved...
Acute & Hemming Punches
Acute Lower Dies
Acute Punches
Acute-Angle Quick-Change 2-Vee Dies
Acute-Angle Single-Vee Dies
All die holders can be furnished in any length up to 24 ft. in mild steel or prehardened brake die steel.
Any die holder 4" high or over can be furnished with half moon burnouts for mounting.
Clean up 2" Bar
Closed curls of 1/2" inside diameter and larger can be produced with die sets F100-F101 and F102-F103 in three strokes. Open curls up to 200 degrees can be produced in...
Die set F114C-F115C produces an on-center curl in an extra stroke. The roundness of the on-center curl becomes somewhat distorted unless a mandrel is used in the last operation.
Die set F254-F255 forms three bends in one stroke. Consult our engineering department for tonnage requirements.
Die sets F104-F105 and F106-F107 form a curl over a wire core or mandrel in 3 operations.
Die sets F72-F73 and F74-F75 produce a Pittsburgh lock seam in two strokes. The die sets can be used side by side if press has sufficient length or they can...
Dies F34 and F35 offer an inexpensive alternative for hemming 18 gauge and lighter material. This set will require two strokes to bend and close the hem.
Double-flange standing seams are formed in the F144-F145 and F146-F147 sets in two operations. The first operation is performed in die set F144-F145 and the closing operation in die set...
Double-flange standing seams are formed in the F144-F145 and F146-F147 sets in two operations. The first operation is performed in die set F144-F145 and the closing operation in die set...
Edge and return bends can be made in one operation with the F170-F171 set. This die permits return-bend forms with a single press stroke without whip-up of the sheet. To...
FA21A Punch
FA23B Punch
FA23C Punch
FA7/8 Die
FD1-1/2 Die
FD1/2 Die
FD1/4 Die
FD3 Die
FG7A Punch
FG7B Punch
FG7C Punch
FGA Punch
FGB Punch
Flattening Dies
Flush rocker F175A is used when projected ends would interfere with formed flanges.
For channels with web width over 3/4," the F192-F193 set is recommended. Both punch and die have release wedges for quick removal of part. The die has a pressure pad...
For high production, continuous corrugating, and where consistent accuracy is necessary, the F230-F231 or F232-F233 set is recommended. The F230-F231 is for continuous radius corrugating and die set F232-F233 is...
For high-production flanging operations, the F160-F161 or F162-F163 set is recommended. These dies hold the sheet flat while wiping a 90 degree flange either up or down. Back gauging can...
FP3A Punch
FP3B Punch
FP3D Punch
FP3E Punch
Hemming Dies
If the offset is 1" or less from the edge, the F84-F85 set can be used. This die set has a backup leader to minimize spreading, resulting in sharper offsets.
In making rectangular tubes, die sets F300-F301 and F302-F303 are often used as a progressive combination. A slight curvature can be expected on the formed side but, whether it is...
Large Radius, Flattening Punches and Holders
Large Single-Vee Dies
Multiple openings can be machined into a single steel bar. These dies are typically used to replace single-vee dies and can significantly reduce die-change time. NOTE: Unless specified, all three-way...
Narrow & Sash Punches
OF1 Die
OF1/2 Die
OF1/4 Die
OF3/16 Die
Offset Dies and Holders
On heavier gauge stock, material-thickness offsets will always be of the open-angle form similar to F88-F89 because the outside radii are too large for the depth of the form.
Punch Holders
Quick Release Security Clamp with Adiprene Rubber Blocking for Segmented Tooling
Ram adapters are mounted to the press brake ram and are used to fill the die space if ram adjustment or stroke is insufficient. Ram adapters can be made any...
Safety tangs or hook tongues are recommended on punches of this size to prevent dropping out when ram plates are loosened.
Single-Vee Die Holders
Suitable for all press brakes with American style fittings or where the vee is centered above the tang. Improve productivity - eliminate secondary operations Control distortion of holes and slots...
Suitable for most press brakes with Amada/European style fittings or any machine with a flat bed. Improve productivity - eliminate secondary operations Control distortion of holes and slots near bend...
T-Shaped Single-Vee Dies
Tall Gooseneck Punches
The F130-F131 set is a three-high hemming die set recommended for 18 gauge and lighter mild steel. Shimming under the adjustment angle on lower section will allow production of an...
The F168-F169 set is designed to produce closed-flange forms. When the die opens, the heel travels up, making it possible to remove the formed sheet.
The F200-F201 set forms four square bends in one stroke. The spring pad in the die keeps the web flat. Release wedges in the punch and die permit easy removal...
To form accurate corrugations in light-gauge materials, the F228-F229 set can be used. Spring-pressure pads assure positive stripping and release wedges prevent marring of the formed material.
Two-Vee and Quick-Change Die Holders
When considerable material springback is encountered in channel forming and over-bending is necessary, the F194-F195 set is recommended. The spring pad actuates the rocker inserts, causing over-bending near the bottom...
When flange on 90 degree bend is too short to permit forming on standard vee dies, die set F256-F257 is recommended. Forming angle is tipped and dies are heeled to...
When forming a shallow open-angle offset in the middle of a sheet, the F78-F79 set is recommended. Large radii and maximum relief help reduce press brake requirements.
When forming an acute-angle offset at the edge of a sheet, the F70-F71 set has the least tendency to spread. Capacity should be limited to 20 ga.
When forming large offsets, the best results are obtained with a die set such as the F76-F77. The forming angle is tipped to prevent bowing of the offset web.
When wiping a radius on the edge of a sheet, the F164-F165 set is recommended. Overbend allowance is built into the die set to compensate for springback. Maximum capacity for...
WILA - TRUMPF Blade Insert
WILA - TRUMPF Style Punch

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