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A single action surface mounted electro-magnetically controlled door closer. By a simple change in the installation there is the choice of hold-open or a swing-free function. The unit can be door mounted to pull side of door or transom mounted to push side of door. Hold-Open function: The unit encloses an electro-magnet which is controlled by the buildings fire/alarm detector system. The door is held open by the magnet claw device. On operation of the alarm the magnet is released and the door closes automatically. Free-Swing function: The closer arm and the door are allowed to pivot independently of the closer and catch plate. On operation of the alarm the magnet is released hence allowing the door to close from whatever position.,Fire, The closer unit is accepted by Fire Officers and Local Authorities and may be used to satisfy the requirements of Appendix B, Approved Document B of the Building Regulations 1991. Note: Power for ancillary devices must not be drawn from the alarm system except under alarm conditions (BS5839, Pt.1. 1988). A transformer rectifier unit with facilities for a plug-in relay is available to power the electromagnet in situations where there is no suitable 24V d.c. supply. Adjustment, The door closer has two adjustments, one to regulate the speed at which the door closes and the other to accelerate closing for the last few degrees of the closing cycle in order to overcome stubborn latch bolts. These two adjustment controls are concealed to avoid possible abuse. Finish, The cover is spray finished silver on zintec treated steel. Arms and backplate are sprayed black. All sprayed finishes are stoved for improved durability. Relays available:,DPCO dc. coils 12V (15.5-17V) Stock no 268-4357 and 27V (11.5-37.5V)Stock no 268-4379
Max Door Weight 60kg. Door Width 950mm
Door Width Maximum = 950mm
Door Weight Maximum = 60kg
Adjustable Strength = Yes
Fire Door Suitable = Yes
Hold Open = Yes
Colour = Silver

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