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Polivalve Hot Half System -- V800 Series

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Polivalve Hot Runner Systems - Fully Integrated Valve Gate Systems

For superior gate cosmetics and sequential part filling when surface quality is important for both small and large part applications, the D-M-E Polivalve Series is an ideal choice. Available in two versions, Hot Half and Simplicity Drop-In Systems, Polivalve provides a fully integrated multi-use valve gate system featuring a wide variety of nozzles.

  • Excellent for sequential filling and family mold applications - improves part quality, reduces costs, increases part design options, opens process windows, and eliminates knit lines.
  • Zero gate vestige on molded parts - improves cosmetics and eliminates secondary trimming operations
  • Side-entry nozzle flow channel - ensures minimum flow disturbance, improves system reliability, and results in less pressure loss
  • Front- and rear-load nozzle heater options
  • "A" Dimension range from 52 to 500mm

Recommended system temperature/pressure upper limits:
- Standard Full Body, Extended Full Body, and Bodiless = 635 °F (335 °C)
- High Performance Bodiless, Standard = 480 °F (249 °C)
- High Performance Bodiless, Wear-Resistant = 635 °F (335 °C)
- 20 KSI system pressure max.