Hot Runner Systems from DME Company

P.E.T.S. Single Drop Valve Gate

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P.E.T.S. Single Drop Valve Gate-Image

DME's alliance with Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, Inc. (P.E.T.S.) offers high quality valve gate hot runner solutions to meet the most demanding applications. P.E.T.S. provides quality equipment design, development and testing with every manufactured hot runner system. A combination of years of plastic injection molding and tooling expertise and advanced technology has led to the development of several new hot runner innovations including Electric Valve Gate Solutions, Valve Gated Single Drops, and Unitized Valve Gate Hot Runner Solutions.

System Features:

  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Side-actuated valve gate allows plastic to shoot through hot drop evenly
  • Self-contained
  • Internal water-cooled cylinder
  • Excellent for prototype molds!