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Hot Runner System -- Cool One System

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A requirement for D-M-E split-plate designs, and recommended for all D-M-E hot runner molds
the new heated nozzle locator improves both the performance and structural integrity of D-M-
hot runner systems. It provides uniform temperature control of resin from the machine nozzle to
the distributor channel. The thermocouple equipped coil heater features a square (or flat) cross
section to improve heat transfer to the core’s .312 diameter feed channel. The heated nozzle
locator provides quicker and easier system start-ups, minimizes pressure loss and eliminates
cold slugs in the feed channel. Available in two lengths with choice of
1⁄2" or
3⁄4" spherical radius
the assemblies can be installed using either a clamp style or bolt thru style method for added
design and construction versatility. See design and machining guidelines at the end of this
Internally Heated Hot Runner Systems section.