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P.E.T.S. Electric Valve Gate

P.E.T.S. Electric Valve Gate -- View Larger Image
P.E.T.S. Electric Valve Gate-Image

Precision control makes the Electric Valve Gate System ideally suited for applications requiring a clean-room environment system.

The Electric Valve Gate with variable pin position and variable speeds creates the Ultimate Processing Window.


  • Variable pin adjustment to balance multi-drop molds (in .001" increments)
  • Programmable & variable open and close pin speeds
  • Travels 6" per second (adjustable)
  • Viewable pin position screen
  • Unlimited process ability
  • Closes with up to 35,000 psi
  • No hydraulic or air leaks
  • Ideal for "clean-room environments"
  • Perfect for co-injection & family milds