PHOTONIS Technologies SAS Datasheets for Electron Multipliers

Electron Multipliers detect incident electrons, ions, vacuum UV (VUV), and soft X-ray and intensify the subsequent detected signal through secondary emission.
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Product Name Notes
MAGNUM™ Electron Multiplier
MegaSpiraltron™ Electron Multiplier
Miniature Channeltron® Electron Multiplier
Spiraltron™ High-Pressure Electron Multiplier
Photonis is the original manufacturer of Channeltron® electron multipliers, which offer the highest dynamic range to assure an absolutely linear response beyond the limits of most analytical instruments. Longer life...
Discrete Dynode Electron Multiplier Photonis manufactures a range of discrete dynode electron multipliers to provide plug‐and‐play replacement modules for ICP‐MS instruments. Plug-and-play replacements Excellent lifetime High mass range to U238 Fast gating <6ns Supports...