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FT-IR Imaging Spectroradiometer -- MR-i - FT-IR

FT-IR Imaging Spectroradiometer -- MR-i - FT-IR -- View Larger Image
FT-IR Imaging Spectroradiometer -- MR-i - FT-IR-Image

Hyperspectral Imaging FT-Spectroradiometers Radiometric Accuracy for Infrared Signature Measurements

Hyperspectral Imaging Fourier-Transform Spectroradiometry (FT-S) has been established as an ideal technique for military target characterization, atmospheric composition and meteorological sounding, and chemical agent detection and classification.

The "MR-i" Long Wave/ Mid Wave Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (TF-S) is used in research applications such as remote sensing of battlefield conditions, bomb detonation and missile launches or muzzles flash phenomenology studies, chemical and biological agents detection/ classification and gaseous emanation plume monitoring as well as a variety of fast framing hyperspectral imaging applications.

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