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FT-IR Spectroradiometer -- MR Series

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FTIR Superior performance ... the promise of the MR Series!

The MR series spectroradioameters provide measurement of military target characterization, atmospheric composition, meteorological sounding and industrial emission monitoring. High resolution provides narrow spectral structure in the infrared radiation domain highly critical to military characterization needs. The reputation of the MR series spectroradiometer has been established for more than 15 years through successful radiometric measurement for the characterization of various targets, atmospheric sounding and fugitive gas detection.

All MR Series products feature adjustable spectral resolution up to 1 cm-1 at all frequencies from 667 to 5,000cm-1 (optional Near IR extension to 10,000cm-1). This corresponds to a resolution of 22.4 nm at 15 microns (667 cm-1) and 0.1 nm at 1 micron (10,000 cm-1).
This outstanding resolution is achieved over the full spectral range in less than two seconds of observation time.
Typical Applications:

  • IR signature and emissivity characterization
  • Atmospheric measurements
  • Gas detection / identification

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