Laboratory Funnels from RS Components, Ltd.


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Industrial funnels in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which confers the properties of high strength-to-density, tensile strength, opaqueness and higher-temperature performance. The choices (article, funnel diameter- top i.d., stem diameter- o.d., overall height) are: 845-9523 80mm 9mm 80mm, 845-9526 100mm 11mm 102mm, 845-9520 120mm 12mm 121mm, 845-9539 140mm 13mm 141mm, 845-9532 180mm 17mm 181mm, 845-9536 230mm 21mm 226mm, 845-9545 245mm 24mm 239mm, 845-9548 290mm 27mm 277mm, 845-9542 360mm 36mm 351mm.
Unbreakable, rigid industrial funnels in polyethylene. Straight-sided upper position to prevent spillage
Material = HDPE
Stem Diameter = 36mm
Funnel Diameter = 360mm

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