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These thermoplastic (low-density polyethylene - LDPE) durable plastic labware wash bottles have wide necks, solvent venting, colour-coded closures and multi-lingual labelling. The unique two-way valve allows the vapour to escape when pressure builds up and stops air getting into the liquid. The result is no more hazardous drips or dribbles and an accurate, continuous dispensing stream. The closures colour coding is red (Acetone), orange (Ethanol), yellow (IMS), blue (Isopropanol) and green (Methanol).
Multi-lingual wide-neck wash bottles featuring DripLok® vapour venting valve that prevents solvent drips. Indelibly printed in 4 languages (English, French, German, Spanish) . Solvent labels include Globally Harmonised Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information. Fitted with colour-coded one-piece polypropylene (PP) closures which maintain their shape in use. Closures feature precision jet-tip aperture for fine control
Material = LDPE
Capacity = 500ml
Neck Type = Wide Neck
Bottle Type = Wash Bottle

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