Laboratory Bottles from Qosina Corp.

Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottle, Natural with Curved Dispensing Tip, White -- 29569

Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottle, Natural with Curved Dispensing Tip, White -- 29569 -- View Larger Image
Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottle, Natural with Curved Dispensing Tip, White -- 29569-Image
Vial Adapters from Qosina

Qosina offers one of the largest selections of laboratory dispensers and vial adapters. Vial adapters are available in polycarbonate and vary in size from 13 mm - 20 mm. Qosina stocks an adjustable needleless vial adapter that will fit vials from 13 mm - 20 mm. Vial adapters are offered in female luer lock and universal connections. Female luer lock vial adapters are available with or without a swabbable connection. Qosina has two sizes of dial-up applicator tubes that consist of a variety of materials; tips and caps are made to fit both. The tip styles include a brush tip, multiple hole flocked tip, and a silicone tip. The Qosina Full-Line Catalog contains OEM medical device component supplies and features full-scale photographs of thousands of stock components on a one-centimeter grid.

Medical Dispensing Bottles

Qosina medical dispensers are available in a range of sizes and materials with caps to match. The dispensing bottles can be white, clear or natural, and measure 3 ml - 240 ml. Qosina carries an assortment of medical dispensing accessories. Qosina stocks two kinds of bottle adapters, a press in bottle adapter and a tapered bottle adapter. Medical dispensing tips have female luer locks and can be straight or curved. Pipettes are made of low density polyethylene and come in different sizes. Medical dispensing syringes are available with a small orifice for materials that flow readily or a larger orifice for more viscous substances. The non-luer tapered tip will not mate to a standard luer connection. Finger wings provide a comfortable grip and easy handling. In addition, Qosina has other laboratory dispensers such as pill accessories. The nesting cup pill crusher/cutter is made of polystyrene. Our multi-purpose case with five compartments is green and made of polypropylene. Qosina operates an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 registered facility, and offers low minimums and short lead times on plastic medical device components.