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Custom Density Proppants

• Precision engineering of pore size and placement enables these products to deliver the performance of higher density proppants at a very competitive price
• Excellent crush resistance and conductivity endurance compared to other low density ceramics
• BauxLite® available in traditional particle size distributions - 12/18 through 40/80
Porosity becomes a positive in BauxLite®
• Custom Density Proppants deliver most of the strength and performance of our other bauxite-based proppants
• Typical low density ceramics can exhibit porosity with random distributions of pores in a wide range of sizes - compromising crush resistance and ultimate conductivity performance
• Size and placement of pores in our low density bauxite ceramics are precisely controlled
• Bulk density similar to sand or clay-based ceramics, but with significantly higher strength and conductivity endurance - and excellent economics

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