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Ultraprop Sintered Bauxite®

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Median particle diameter (MPD) is the single most significant factor influencing conductivity. Saint-Gobain Proppants engineered Ultraprop® Sintered Bauxite ceramic proppants with a slightly larger MPD. This approach allows for a broader sieve distribution and increased efficiency in the manufacturing process, producing a product with superior conductivity at a very competitive cost.
Ultraprop® Sintered Bauxite delivers more conductivity and permeability per dollar than competing high-strength products, which can translate to reduced fracturing treatment costs.
Ultraprop® Sintered Bauxite is not a standard API sieve distribution. Its MPD is slightly larger than other 20/40 high strength proppants (the reason for its increased conductivity), but Ultraprop® Sintered Bauxite is nearly 30 percent smaller than 16/30 proppant products.

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