Steamers and Steam Generators from BMT USA, LLC

Clean Steam Generator - 100 lbs\hr @ 100 psig -- CGS 100

Clean Steam Generator - 100 lbs\hr @ 100 psig -- CGS 100 -- View Larger Image
Clean Steam Generator - 100 lbs\hr @ 100 psig -- CGS 100-Image

Pharmatec Pure Steam Generators utilize an efficient evaporation column identical to the Pharmatec Multiple-Effect Water Still, thereby providing the highest quality Pure Steam. When condensed, the pure steam exceeds the requirements of the latest US Pharmacopoeia for Water-for-Injection. Each unit is produced to comply with the US FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices and is manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards.

  • All stainless steel construction – no rusting/rouging
  • Extremely tight pure steam pressure control – no pressure regulator needed
  • Industry standard control system – Allen-Bradley PLC or Siemens
  • Non-proprietary components – readily available from local sources
  • Wetted evaporator – less stress on welds, more corrosion resistant
  • Two-year pressure vessel warranty
  • 100% drainable design – no standing water
  • Sanitary diaphragm valves used on feed water, pure steam and WFI lines
  • 25 Ra electropolished finish on feed water & product piping
  • Extensive validation documentation – reduces on site validation time