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VPN and Endpoint Security Client -- IOS Easy VPN

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Give your employees great flexibility in performing their job functions with anytime, anyplace network access. Cisco IOS Easy VPN supports employees who need network access from home after hours and weekends to perform business functions such as answering email or using networked applications. VPN technology helps your company increase productivity by improving response times and enabling work without interruptions common in an office environment.

Using standards-based IPsec technology, Cisco IOS Easy VPN greatly simplifies VPN deployment with centralized VPN management across all Cisco VPN devices. It supports integration of a variety of remote devices within a single deployment and with a consistent policy and key management method, which simplifies remote side administration.


  • Increases productivity -- Provides LAN-like network access to remote users with diverse requirements like enterprise applications and unified communications
  • Provides deployment flexibility -- Enables large-scale deployments with rapid user provisioning
  • Is easy to use and maintain -- Allows dynamic configuration of end-user policy, requiring less manual configuration by end users and field technicians, thus reducing errors and further service calls
  • Enhances Interoperability -- Reduces interoperability problems between different PC-based software VPN clients, external hardware-based VPN solutions, and other VPN applications