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MAPS™ ED-137 Radio Emulator

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Recent advances in Air Traffic Management over IP network has opened up both opportunities for providing better services, and challenges to ensure reliability, and performance. Among many other solutions for testing Air Traffic Control network, GL offers MAPS™ ED137 Radio which can simulate Air-Ground calls (as per EUROCAE ED137_1B: Radio, and ED137_1C: Radio) calls.

MAPS™ ED137 Radio simulates the functions of Controller Working Position (CWP) and Ground Radio Station – GRS (or Radio Media Gateway - RMG) entities in Air-to-Ground radio calls.. The product supports transmission and detection of various RTP audio traffic such as real-time audio, voice file, digits, single tone and dual tones. The MAPS™ profile editor feature allows users to easily configure multiple CWPs and GRS profiles, allowing to simulate multiple CWP and GRS entities. Each simulated radio will have similar capabilities and its own set of parameters like Contact address, Radio type, Frequency-Id, and Permitted user list which can be configured in the profiles.

GL tools for signalling emulation and voice quality testing offer an end-to-end test solution for testing connections from the radio interfaces to the Controller Working Position (CWP). GL’s Air Traffic Management Solution also includes MAPS™ ED-137 Recorder Emulators and MAPS™ ED-137 Telephone Emulators.

GL also provides a GUI based PacketScan - All IP Traffic Analyzer for online capture and decode of the signaling in real time both during tests and as a stand-alone tracer for live systems.

At the recently held World ATM Congress event in Madrid, Spain, the GL’s MAPS™ ED137 Radio Emulator capability was showcased. It was connected to a Rohde & Schwarz radio located in Romania with the help of the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration Staff (Romatsa). This radio is responsible for a certain sector of the Romanian airspace. The ED-137B connection was made, with the GL’s MAPS™ Radio emulator in “RX Only” mode. Any airplane communication (squelch break) from an airplane in that sector was heard by our tool. We were also monitoring this connection with GL’s PacketScan™ which was able to show (in real-time) all of the voice and packet characteristics of this connection. Visitors seemed particularly interested in the real time Waveform viewer and MOS/Jitter etc. value measurements.