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Automated EC Compliance Testing -- PKB080

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Automated EC Compliance Testing -- PKB080-Image

AutoEC Test TDM-VoIP application is designed to work with the TDM and VoIP networks. It uses GL’s T1/E1 Analyzer on TDM side of the gateway and RTP Toolbox™ on IP side of the gateway to perform the G.168 compliance test. It tests EC conformance to the ITU-T Specifications, G.168 (01/2007), G.168 (08/2004), G.168 (06/2002), and G.168 (04/2000).

AutoEC Test application performs the following functions –

  • Generates the Rin file and Sgen file (double talk files)
  • Generates the script file for WCS echo path simulation
  • Generates the script file for the RTP Toolbox server to transmit stimulus file and receive the Sout file
  • Executes the batch file to perform the test
  • Automatically analyzes the Sout file per G.168 specifications

  • MS-Windows OS (WIN 2000 or XP) with User-Friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Compatible with GL's T1/E1 HD Cards / USB portable T1/E1 units and RTP Toolbox™ application
  • Real-time as well as off-line analysis
  • Simulates an actual echo loop using Windows Client Server (WCS)
  • Auto analysis of the response according to G.168 (01/2007) requirement
  • Auto or Manual control of the EC during testing
  • Tabular Pass/Fail Results
  • Simulation of echo path with various delay, attenuation, hybrid filters, noise level, and more
  • Detailed graphical results for individual overall test

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