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DCOSS Signaling System 7 (SS7) -- DR042

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DCOSS Signaling System 7 (SS7) -- DR042-Image

The Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) offers the Signaling System 7 (SS7) digital protocol. DCOSS SS7 utilizes a user-friendly GUI in which the complex SS7 configuration can easily be created, thus allowing DCOSS SS7 to be fully functional within a few minutes. DCOSS SS7 also incorporates the flexibility to modify SS7 parameters, both at the MTP and ISUP/TUP layers as well as the ISUP/TUP message content. This flexibility ensures that the DCOSS SS7 will communicate with the system under test.

DCOSS SS7 Main Features

  • All SS7 networks supported.
  • Build your own SS7 Network with SSP, STP and SCP nodes. Complex STP non-adjacent links supported.
  • Supports SSP/STP combined nodes for additional flexibility.
  • User-Friendly GUI for Configuring the SS7 MTP Layers and ISUP/TUP Layers. This includes access to optional MTP/ISUP/TUP parameters such as timers, route masks, and priorities.
  • 4 or 16 Configurable Signaling Links per SS7 board, up to two SS7 boards per DCOSS system.
  • Supports multiple OPC configuration per SS7 board.
  • Dual T1/E1 User Defined Interfaces on each SS7 board supports SS7 Signaling Links.
  • Subsequent Address Message (SAM) configurations available.
  • TCAP/SCCP functionality supported. Generate a user-defined SCP database. Create a user-defined 800 number or LNP look-up table.
  • SSP and/or STP Emulation with the capability of Adjacent Routes as well as Non-Adjacent Routes.
  • Fully Supported Continuity Testing (COT) that includes both COT messages and user-defined loopback tones.
  • Access to all ISUP and TUP Message Parameters (IAM, ACM, REL, CPG).
  • User-Friendly GUI for creating the Circuit Mapping. Define Circuit Identification Codes (CIC) and map these CICs to Timeslots/Trunks in order to enable Voice/Data traffic.
  • Logging of all SS7 Messages in real time. Each SS7 message displays the OPC, DPC and CIC defined within the message.
  • Save and Load Protocol, Trunk and Dialing Parameters as User Defined Configurations.

Configuring DCOSS SS7 is quite simple, even for the most complex requirements. The DCOSS SS7 utilizes a GUI that provides the user with all required SS7 parameters. These parameters may be saved to the DCOSS database, after modification, for later retrieval.