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Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer -- VBA032

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Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer -- VBA032-Image

The Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer (VBA) is an analysis tool for monitoring voice band traffic over VoIP, TDM, 2-Wire and wireless networks. It can host an arbitrary number of analysis algorithms. Built-in algorithms include ITU-T P.56 Active Voice Level analysis, Line Echo (Hybrid) analysis, and licensed modules include 2-Wire Echo Analysis, Traffic Classifier and Fax analysis. Other analysis modules such as ITU-T P.561, P.562, and P.563 can be hosted as plug-ins.

The VBA application operates on previously captured files, making it a near-real time (as opposed to a strictly real-time) tool.

VBA records its output into two files, the first containing overall channel measurements, and the second containing event records. It produces summary measurements of the captured signals, including active speech levels, noise level, percent time active, DC offset and the like. The optional VBA FaxScan™ module (require additional license) can be used to analyze both 2-wire and 4-wire voiceband captures for Fax traffic and output fax signaling frames in a log file and fax image in TIFF format. This package has been designed to work with other GL Communications Inc. tools such as PacketScan™, Call Capture and Analysis, and many other recording tools.

VBA works in conjunction with GL's TDM, Packet, and Wireless non-intrusive capture products:

  • VBA with GL's TDM T1 E1 Call Capture and Analysis, or
  • VBA with GL's VoIP PacketScan™ / MLPPP Analyzer
  • VBA with GL's GSM, CDMA, and 3G Call Capture Products
  • VBA with GL's 2-Wire Voice/Data Capture Products
Main Features

  • Near real-time (NRT) non-intrusive analysis platform.
  • Supports 1, 2, 3, and 4-port signal data analysis
  • Manual, batch, and automatic processing modes.
  • Accepts the following encoding formats –
  • Hosts built-in P.56 Active Voice Level analysis, Hybrid Echo analysis, and other licensed analysis algorithms such as 2-Wire Echo Analysis, Traffic Classifier and Fax analysis
  • Allows to implement Psophometric and C-Message signal conditioning before the Active Speech Level analysis; reports C-Message filtered files in dBrnC
  • With a Tone Decoder module, the VBA monitors the captured receiving signal and decodes the tone type as DTMF, MF, Frequency-Shift Keying (FSK), Teletype (TTY), Special Information Tone (SIT), Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME), Voice Mail Waiting Indication (VMWI), Paging Tones, or any Custom Tones. The module also detects and decodes the Type 1 Caller ID, Type 2 Caller ID - Call Waiting (CID-CW), silence, ring-back, busy or other phone tones.
  • Allows the grouping of files together into data sets and automatically routes file data to appropriate inputs using user-specified file naming conventions. GL Call Capture and Analysis (CCA) rules are built-in.
  • User-selectable analysis output fields
  • Native analysis output mode directly compatible with Microsoft® Excel and other readily available analysis tools.
  • Database interfaces available on request.
  • Source signal file management options
  • Directly compatible with many GL data capture products, including Call Capture and Analysis (T1/E1 lines), 2-Wire Voice/Data Capture and PacketScan™ (VoIP) / MLPPP Analyzer. .
  • Compatible with products of other vendors provided only that their file-naming conventions could be used to group files into sets and associate files with algorithm inputs.

Optional Licensed Modules with VBA

  • With FaxScan™ module (requires VBA038 licensing), process WinPCAP, 2-Wire and 4-Wire voice band capture files to analyze the T.38 packets, T.30 frames, and decode of a Fax call with TIFF image, and general call-flow indicators for detail analysis.
  • With Traffic Classifier module (requires VBA036 licensing), the VBA analyzes the captured files and identifies the amount of Fax, Voice, Digits, Tones, and Silent types of traffic present in the network and generates corresponding reports.
  • With 2-Wire Line Echo Analysis module (requires VBA033 licensing), the VBA can measure hybrid line echo generated using the captured files at both end points, and output Echo Return Loss (ERL), Echo Delay, and Echo Dispersion values.

Performance Measures

Processor: 1.66 GHz, single-core, non-hyper threaded.