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Advanced Malware Protection for Grids

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Understand and prioritize threats faster

Threat Grid combines advanced sandboxing with threat intelligence into one unified solution to protect organizations from malware. With a robust, context-rich malware knowledge base, you will understand what malware is doing, or attempting to do, how large a threat it poses, and how to defend against it.


Make better decisions, faster

Threat Grid rapidly analyzes files and suspicious behavior across your environment. Your security teams get context-rich malware analytics and threat intelligence, so they’re armed with insight into what a file is doing and can quickly respond to threats.

Gain deep malware analysis

Threat Grid analyzes the behavior of a file against millions of samples and billions of malware artifacts. You get a global and historical view of the malware, what it’s doing, and how large a threat it poses to your organization.

Prioritize threats

Threat Grid identifies key behavioral indicators of malware and their associated campaigns. Security teams can save time by quickly prioritizing attacks with the biggest potential impact.

Speed up incident investigations

Understand and respond to threats faster. Take advantage of Threat Grid’s robust search capabilities, correlations, and detailed static and dynamic analyses. Use tools like Glovebox to safely interact with samples and observe malware behavior directly.

Get edge-to-endpoint integration

Accelerate malware threat detection and response with a powerful API that integrates and automates existing security products and processes.