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REKON Industrial Wastewater Recycling & Heavy Metals Recovery

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Kontek has been a leading manufacturer and pioneer of ion exchange industrial wastewater
recovery systems for over 30 years.
The Kontek ReKon Ion Exchange Systems have proven to be a reliable and cost-effective
method of removing dissolved heavy metals and salts from wastewater and producing high
quality de-ionized water for recycling.
REKON 5kL/HR System
Industrial Applications Include:
Metal recovery and wastewater recycling for metal finishing and PCB facilities
Water purification and recovery for the semi-conductor manufacturing industry
Selective polishing of specific metal ions for wastewater discharge polishing, or
precious metal recovery
DeCat Series for Selective Ion Exchange
Selective ion exchange uses proprietary selective resins to remove specific ions from
wastewater to reduce contamination levels or recover desired heavy metals.
Kontek DeCat systems can be used for the polishing of discharge wastewater where
stringent discharge levels demand the removal of heavy metals.
Kontek DeCat system is ideal for the recovery of specific & precious heavy metals.
Operating the resin columns in series improves efficiency and ion loading of the resin
in the column. Columns are operated on a lead/lag basis that places the freshly
regenerated column in the "lag" position following the partially loaded "lead" column.
This ensures complete exhaustion of the lead column while continuing to remove any
by-passed metal salts in the lag column.
Kontek DeCat systems are implemented for process solution purification in
applications where trace heavy metal contaminants must be removed to enhance
process solution performance or bath life.
ReKon Ion Exchange Recovery Systems Features & Benefits:
Standard system design flow rates from 1.0 to 1000 kL/hr
Standard system design uses up to 50% less water to regenerate
compared to other standard designs.
Premium proprietary resins
Skid mounted modular design - Customized design available
UV sterilization systems are standard on all ReKon recovery systems
Reverse or Co-current regeneration cycles are available
Organic and metal contaminant stripping cycles of anion resin are standard on
all ReKon Systems
PLC/HMI interface controls feature real-time data collection and maximum
Loop volume management & markup systems.
Optional Automatic Batch Treatment systems or flow through wastewater
treatment systems to treat non-recoverable wastewater and regeneration
waste can be incorporated and controlled from the ReKon systems main CP
Optional electrowinning heavy metal recovery systems can be incorporated
and controlled from the ReKon systems main control panel