Wastewater Treatment Equipment from Kontek Ecology Systems Inc.

Wastewater Treatment System -- 1300 Series / 10-40 GPM

Wastewater Treatment System -- 1300 Series / 10-40 GPM -- View Larger Image
Wastewater Treatment System -- 1300 Series / 10-40 GPM-Image

Kontek's 1300 Series skid mounted module contains the treatment module, chemical reagent dosing systems, clarifier, flow control devices, and electrical control panel.

The module is pre-plumbed and pre-wired at the factory, thus reducing field installation requirements for connections to sump, filter press, and final effluent polishing equipment.

The 1300 Series is custom-configured to each installation’s treatment and physical layout requirements.

System Features:

  • Corrosion proof heavy-duty polypropylene multi-stage corrosion reactor capable of incorporating treatment of cyanide and hexavalent chrome bearing wastewater.
  • Tandem solution transfer pumps and solution flow control meters are standard on all Kontek 1300 series systems.
  • Dual neutralization reactors.
  • High quality electric and air mixers.
  • Kontek automatic polymer feed make-up and delivery systems.
  • Laminar flow clarifier complete with sludge thickening conical bottom and internal spray wash-down halo.
  • Bulk waste storage tank complete with level control system, solution transfer pump, and flow monitoring/control system.
  • Optional Kontek "Smart-Logic" PLC/HMI interface control system complete with modem and Ethernet capabilities.
  • Kontek's "Smart-Logic" PLC controlled systems can be programmed with a wide variety of PLC manufacturers.
  • Pulse proportional chemical reagent feed systems.
  • Final effluent polishing is included with all 1300 series systems.
  • Optional PLC controlled multi-media effluent polishing systems.
  • Automatic re-treatment of non-compliant effluent.