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MEMKON Ultra Filtration Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

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Kontek MEMKON Ultrafiltration Systems are designed for the clarification of
treated wastewater and process water. Kontek MEMKON Ultra-Filtration systems
eliminate the need for clarifiers, polymers and multimedia filters for waste
streams to meet critical discharge criteria (i.e. cadmium, lead, mercury) or the
permeate can be further processed by a Kontek RoKon Wastewater Recovery
RO system for water recovery.
Kontek MEMKON Ultrafiltration Systems utilize SpiraSep membranes which are
robust, submerged, back-flushable, air scoured, spiral wound UF/MF membranes
that offer superior performance for the clarification of wastewater and
process water. Superior membrane design, allows Kontek to utilize on-line
periodic back-flushing of the membrane together with 100% air scouring of the
membranes. This allows the SpiraSep membrane to maintain higher sustained
flux rates than typical positive pressure UF membranes. Operational benefits
result from less frequent cleanings of the membranes, lower operational chemical
cleaning costs, and longer membrane life.

Features and Bene ts:
Energy E cient
Low Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP) reduces energy costs
No recirculation pump
Separte backwash pump
Lower Capital Costs &Lower O&M Costs
Spiral construction e ciency reduces replacement costs, no ber breakage, no potting
Minimum pumping costs due to low negative pressure design
Automatic Periodic Flux Enhancement
Minimum waste
Lower Installation Costs
Small Footprint due to high membrane packing density
Modular, Skid-mounted Designs
Low Waste Volume
Recoveries greater than 90 %
Low cleaning frequency
High exibility in element construction
Range of feed spacer / packing density combinations to accommodate varying feedwater

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